Newz!!! New tour dates added and sk8 video bonus

we are about to do a lot of this sort of thing on the road with legendary sk8 superstar Adam Green in April. Check out the new dates and sk8 your face to a show. Rad!

Happy Anti-Valentines Day

oh happy day

Yesterday i woke up very sad because i had run out of bud light and had nothing for breakfast. But i found this cheeseburger in a box, and i microwaved and then ate some of it. Not bad considering it was probably put in that box in 1992 by the looks of the packaging. Is this blog worthy?

...later that day i bought the new Beach House record which is a very good record. It came with a dvd which is pretty sweet. All these things made me forget that my roommate drank all my morning muscle fuel.

The dead trees produce world music single

Many of you know that the dead trees often act as a backing band for top acts like little joy and adam green. But did you know that we also are a killer dutch production team? here's a taste of what we've been working on

tour over but lazer tits exist

This is totally the future. Soon all girlfriends will look like this in LA. We are excited about this. In other news we are recording a new record in 3 weeks with Noah Georgeson.

The Cribs taught us how to multitask

After arriving late to many shows on this tour the cribs gave us some tips on how to multitask. For instance, getting gas when you stop for lunch, or loading all of your gear in the club at the same time. I think we learned a lot from those guys. HI cribs!

Matt speaks out over imposter video slander

"I have no idea who that jackass is," Borg exclaimed early this evening when the video in question arrived in our inbox. "I clearly have much better hair, and way more dance moves" said Borg. We decided to clear the air and show you the video.

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